A word from our customers...

Patient1 : V Raja Rajeshwari

Known Problem in L3 & L5 Herniated Disc, could not sit, pain continues even when I lie down on the bed, pain was sevier when we for this Chiropractic.
Results : I was not able to feel the change in the pain reduction after my 3rd sitting too. After my 4th session I did not have continuous pain, I was able to sit in the office for 3 – 4 hrs only after that the pain would start hence I would go to bed for some rest.
After my 5th Session I was able to feel much better, I was able to sit in the office the whole day. Pain started at 7:30pm.
Hence we came for more sessions and wanted to continue for few more sessions till I feel more comfort.

Thanks to Dr Nicholas and the team

Patient2 : Rajeshwari

My name is Rajeshwari I am having this back pain ( Slip Disc ) sciatica problem since 2002, I joined yoga started doing yoga asanas. It really gave me life I have complete hyrelieved from the pain and started doing my daily work at home.

But again in 2012 about 4 to 5 moths back pain, sciatica problem started and took MRI scanning and disc bulged in L4 and L5 levels. My daughter is from USA and advised to under go this medical Chiropractic treatment today 11/3/2013 I have finished my 4 sessions I am finding lot of improvement. Actually I lost all my hope but this Chiropractic treatment giving my hope and I am seeing some light


Patient3 : Shoba Balu

This is Shoba Balu here in short the menace of taking medicines and side effects is wiped off is what I feel with this treatment as doctor says it sure makes us see stars during and after the treatment which means a WHOLE NEW WORLD.
I had migraines for so many years and neck pain for the last 14 years Chiropractic medical treatment at Dr Spine has helped get rid of Migraines forever.

I had tried every possible treatment under the SUN Nothing had worked I tried Ayurvedic treatment, and lots of other quack doctors. I was so fed up of living in pain.

Chiropractic is really amazing. I was really impressed with the results.


Thanks to Dr Spine Chiropractic Clinic & Dr Nick, DC ( Doctor of Chiropractic, USA) I have no migraines and no neck problem.


I came to know about Chiropractic by my friend in New Zealand who had this nerve compression and spurs in heels. She said the chiro practioner in New Zealand helped her to get rid of the problem. So we checked on internet and found Dr Spine clinic and started my treatment here for about month now as of today can say that this treatment he has helped relieve the pain to an extent say 60%. I am grateful to the staff here and their in kind, personal interest shown. Wish I could have a few more secessions but I must leave this place and do what’s been advised.


Patient4 : Lily Bansur

I came to know about Chiropractic by my friend in New Zealand who had this nerve compression and spurs in heels. She said the chiro practioner in New Zealand helped her to get rid of the problem. So we checked on internet and found Dr Spine clinic and started my treatment here for about month now as of today can say that this treatment he has helped relieve the pain to an extent say 60%. I am grateful to the staff here and their in kind, personal interest shown. Wish I could have a few more secessions but I must leave this place and do what’s been advised.
Thanks to one and all here in this clinic and wish you the best to those who come here
Lily Bansur ( Mysore )


Patient5 : Dolly Talwar

I came with back pain, especially when I am standing for long time but after the treatment I am much better now I can stand for an hour without pain I am happy now.


Patient6 : Deeptha Vivekanand

I came to see Dr Jason because I had severe lower back pain, I had read about chiropractic but never had the chance to meet a practitioner Dr Jason was godsend! My sittings with him were beneficial and the pain was gone the results are truly outstanding you can actually feel the pain leave you.



Patient7 : Seema Patil

I had severe sciatic pain for couple of years this was increasing day by day I visited Dr Nicholas Jason, Chiropractic Physician in Nov 2012 he treated me only for 1 sitting for past 4 months I have not experienced any pain earlier the frequency was almost once a week where my whole leg ( hip to toe ) would literally freeze but not anymore. Thereafter I keep telling friends and relatives about the chiropractic benefits.
I am glad that we have him here in Bangalore.


Patient8 : Kiran Kumar

I came to Dr Spine Chiropractic Clinic for a general check up and my vertigo issues. I was very happy to meet Dr Nicholas Jason, Chiropractic Physician, USA who was very kind and gave me a complete picture of my neck and back after the whole check up. As all my problem was very normal he has given me an advice on correct postures I am very happy with the treatment and may return here for general wellness. My first sitting with Dr Jason has helped me relive my neck pain which I had come with I just felt immediate benefit.


Patient9 : Asif G

Has been 5 sessions attended so far improvement seen is just 10 to 20% ……but pain during a day has come down which wasn’t the case earlier now pain is little on ———- recommended 5 more sessions now expecting a complete rid of this pain ASAP


Patient10 : Rajeev CK

I came to Dr Spine with extreme pain in the back was not in position to get up or walk Now today is the 6th Treatment I am extremely feeling happy that the pain is has reduced over 2 weeks of treatment and I am sure that I will completely recover from any further pain.


Thank you Dr Nicholas Jason, and the staff and other doctors who was taking are of me in these last two weeks got me back to the normal life.


Patient11 : Swaminathan Age 83

I am suffering from chronic back pain from 4 years, various treatment were of no use after visiting Dr Jason I have taken treatment for 2 days so far I am able to walk better painless.


Was able to walk in just two sessions even at age 83, age is no bar for chiropractic.


Patient12 : Kishore Age 29

I was suffering from lower back pain for over a year now. I tried with physiotherapist / Ortho’s but I didn’t get better. I consulted Dr Spine after getting to know from my colleague, I am feeling 80% better after 5 sittings. I can feel vast improvement after my 2nd sitting itself. I am hopeful that I get better completely sooner. I would recommend to my friends this place for sure.


Patient13 : Akshata Joshi

I wanted to give this a shot after trying physio and resting but in a profession like dancing we need instant results.And this has definitely helped release by back hopefully will be completely fine after the remaining 4 sessions.


Patient14 : Ashwini Nidgundi

I have L4- L5 disc prolapse and had the pain radiating through my left thigh. Chiropractic care is still in only 5 cities here in India but a widely practiced and accepted medical treatment in the USA I am happy @ the treatment provided by Dr Nicholas Jason, Chiropractic Physician, USA. He is very professional and the exercise along with re alignment was a good source of relief for me.


Patient15 : Mark Flewker Trattles, UK (Chief Architect for Four Seasons Hotel in Bangalore)

Having played professional Rugby for many years, I suffer from lower back pain and experience has taught me to seek a chiropractor immediately.
There appears to be little choice here in Bangalore, however I was very surprised at the treatment I received here at Dr Spine Chiropractic Clinic it was efficient from beginning to end and I would recommend the practice without hesitation.


Pain gone in one session and one follow up.

Patient16 : Puspalatha

Was suffering from migraine and left shoulder from past 10yrs. I was very comfortable with Dr Nicholas Jason, Doctor of Chiropractic, USA treatment came for 8 sessions and looks like I am in great relief now. Thanks to Dr Nicholas and the Dr Spine Chiropractic Clinic, Bangalore staff here who very very nice and supportive Hope he stays in India and serves a lot of people in pain in Bangalore city.


Patient17 : Krishna Rao

Had been suffering from lower back ache for almost 4 years. Mild Disc bulge on L4-L5, been to many other treatments but of no use other than temporary relief. Finally came to Dr Spine Chiropractic clinic. And I am glad I came I see huge improvement in just 2 sessions hopefully everything will be fine after scheduled 5 sessions Dr Nicholas Jason, Doctor of Chiropractic, Palmer Chiropractic College has been very understanding who listens to you before proceeding thank you Dr Spine Chiropractic clinic, Bangalore and entire staff happy to find a good chiropractor clinic in Bangalore, India…Highly Recommended


I had migraines for so many years and neck pain for the last 14 yrs chiropractic treatment at Dr Spine has helped to get rid of my migraines for ever. I had tried every possible treatment under the SUN nothing had worked I tried Ayurvedic treatment, and lots of other quack doctors.


I was so fed up of living in pain. Chiropractic is really amazing I was very impressed with the results. Thanks to Dr Spine & Dr Nick, I have no migraine and no neck problems.


I was in a lot of pain in the cervical region was treated very effectively by Dr Nicholas, who was very pleasant and able helped by the two good staff .


Was in a lot of pain, in the cervical region, was treated very effectively by Dr Nicolas, who was very pleasant and helped by the two good staff had seen so years suffering now I feel absolutely more than 10 sessions I will come back


Patient18 : Vimala Bhatt

Chiropractic medical treatment is really amazing I was very impressed with the results.

Thanks to Dr Spine Chiropractic Clinic, Bangalore, India & Dr Nick, ( Dr Nicholas Jason, Doctor of Chiropractic, DC) I have no migraine and no neck problems
Thanks to Dr Spine Chiropractic Clinic I am painfree and I don’t need surgery
Thanks Vimal

Result :

Surgery avoided and living pain free.


Patient19 :Bhavneet Kaur 15/05/2013

I have been suffering from lower back pain for almost 5 years now. The disc herniation had become worse with unbearable pain. Being an IT professional I also had sore nexk and shoulders. Since consulting Dr Nicholas I have got immense relief from pain. I am hopeful that I will get back to normal life and routine very soon. The treatment provided in Dr Spine Clinic is wholesome with absolutely warm and lovely staff to look after you

Thank you for helping me


Patient20 :Jamshed 21/5/13

I have been suffering an upper back pain for some time now and Dr Nicholas and Vyshaak have been helpful in treating it, I would recommend it to anyone in Bangalore seeking Chiropractic treatment

Thank you for helping me


Patient21 :Raghuveer

Firstly to see the clinic to be opened was a relief for me. I was waiting for something like this to open in India for the last 8 years. Thanks to Vyshak and Nick for starting this in Bangalore.

I was suffering with the back pain for over 7 years and it just took 3 sittings with Dr Nick which helped come over the pain and adjusted the exact reason of pain and adjusted the exact reason of pain I thank Dr Nick and Vyshak from the bottom of my heart for helping me get rid of the pain and be relaxed and feel good about myself.


Patient22 :Rakesh 29/05/2012

I found this clinic over the internet I have had this pain in back since over three months now. After coming to this clinic I relatively feel better. The best part is not taking medicines. They cure by non invasive treatments and no medicines. Doctor is very experienced and he identifies problem in your first go. Am still recovering and will continue here. Doctor friendly and nice Great clinic for slip disc and pains.


Patient23 :Dilip Lalwani 32

I came to Dr Spine with a disc bulge and slight herniation of my disc L4 – L5 I had just started experiencing nerve pains which go down to the lower body. After 5 sessions the over all nerve pains are almost gone and huge improvement in the stiffness that I would experience in the back. That said I ve been practicing this a practice yoga as well so these 2 treatments together did provide a great amount of relief.


Patient24 :Nidhi Gupta – 35 yrs

I came to Dr Spine with my Sciatica pain and lower + upper back pain. After 5 sessions I have very less pains and I feel my body lighter. Thank you for you wonderful hospitality and efforts my pain is almost relieved.


Patient25 :Susmita Chakma from Dhaka Bangaladesh

I have been suffering from chronic back pain for about 20years. Now my back is very stiff and tight. After taking therapy from Dr Spines Clinic feeling a little bit better. But 9 thing sessions were too short for my pain. It would b e better if I could have more sessions. But I have to go back my country as I have permission only for one month to stay in India. Hope to come back again in future. Thanks to the doctor and all the staff of Dr Spine clinic


Patient26 :Sita S Bhat

I have been suffering from Sciatica and low back pain from quiet a long time now. Having read about Dr Spine from news paper I have now had 6 sessions of various types of treatment I am happy to write that I have had considerable relief with follow up and continuing exercise prescribed by Dr Nicholas I am hopeful to be cured and find relief from my pain Thanks Nicholas


Patient27 :Swapna priya N Daughter of Rama Devi N

My mom was suffering with chronic lower back pain from almost a year. We went to many doctors, tried all kinds of home remedies and all medicines all went in pain.

Then my mom in law told me that a chiropractor could probably help my mom with the lower back pain. Then I googled and came across Dr Spine, I was a little hesitant initially but then I m so glad I made the right decision by bringing my mom here, Dr Nicholas figured out what the problem was quickly and started off with the treatment immediately and her pain came down by almost 50% after the very second sitting. All thanks to Dr Nicholas and the other staff Dorthy, Vasanthi and Dilshad are so helpful and friendly. Today my mum is able to do all her daily chores and back to normal and I give complete credit to Dr Nicholas Dorthy Vasanthi Dilshad and ofcourse Dr Spine Thank Youk


Patient28 :Indu July 2013

Post pregnancy, had been suffering from lower back pain for over a year. Tried different therapies and went to very many doctors, till I finally heard about Chiropractors decided to come to Dr Spine and thanks to Dr Jason have found immense relief within just 5 – 6 sessions Thank you! Also special mention to both Vasanthi and Dilshad for their attentive care…….


Patient29 :Parichay

I was suffering from slip disc mainly in the L3-L4 & L5 sector of my spine. I went thru ayurveda treatment, physio therapy and none of them helped me. The orthopedic Dr suggested surgery. I was in severe pain and underwent different treatments over a month.

Later is when I realized Chiropractic treatment Nicholas was really great with his treatment after 5 sessions of treatment I recovered 80 – 85% and I felt really good. I am now able to move and walk around more comfortably like to thank Dr Nicholas for his fantastic treatment. This is one unforgettable moment and thanks to Dr Spine Clinic for all the help and treatment, I guess I have no words to express my gratitude and joy.


Patient30 :Somit Maloo

I heard about Chiropractic treatment from internet and I was suffering from migraine with photophobia for last 8 years.

After the first Chiropractic session on the C1 bone, it just worked like magic. The photophobia symptom was pacified. After second session, there was more improvement. I have 4 more sessions to follow hopefully it will help curing my migraine and photophobia symptoms for a longer time. I did tried allopathy / homeopathy / ayurveda but they all relieved the symptoms only for a day or tow. Once I stopped taking medicines, the symptoms will reoccur


Patient31 :Krishna Ramalingam 32

I had a slip disc L5S1 in 2008 after which I could go back to normal life, however by end of day I used to have an a ching back over time I also got pain in the mid back and neck. The first I heard about Chiropractic treatment was from ” two and half men “

I had tried Alopathy and Ayurveda. The doctors told me to do different exercises and in 3 days time my condition would worsen Then I decided to try Dr Spine.

The main difference that I found was here Dr Nicholas asked to do just the backward bending exercises. The Doctor in allopathy and ayurveda has asked me to do backward as well as forward I realized that once I started doing only backward bending exercise I felt much better within a span of 4 sessions I am almost relieved of all pain and am having a healthy life.


Patient32 :Sheeba Rajesh 6/7/13

33 I had this neck shoulder pain for past one month. We were searching for good ortho doctor over the net that’s when we came to know about Dr Spine so thought of trying Chiropractic.

I had four sessions of it and my pain reduced a lot. I was suggested some neck and shoulder exercises which also helped me a lot.


Patient33 :Helen Das

I heard about Dr Jasons Chiropractic treatment from my boss Mr John Matthai. I was diagonised with slipped disc and pinched nerve for which one doctor advised surgery and another did not. I myself did not want to undergo surgery. Mr Matthai was having an even more severe problem than mine and I am witness to his improvement in leaps and bounds. My problem is 3 months old. I have had 5 sessions with Dr Jason and I am feeling the improvements. I can sleep a little bit more confortably at night and the frequency of tingling is reducing. Thank you all at Dr Spines.


Patient34 :Neema Devaiah

I had heard about Dr Spine on radio like a couple of years ago though I didn’t come here till a month ago. I have been suffering from Sciatica for over 5 years Its intermittent and hence difficult to get relief. However Dr Jason has helped with this and I feel better. I think the exercise helps a lot too. Hopefully it will stay that way.


Patient35 :V Paneer 10/7/13

I was suffering from lower back pain for last two years, now I have consulted Dr Spine clinic and got relief from pain and thanks for the clinical treatment from USA supporters and Doctors.


Patient36 :John Matthai – Tata Global Beverages

I was suffering from severe back pain and was laid in bed for almost 2 months. I could not sit, stand or walk for more than 5 mins at a stretch. The MRI report showed 2 slipped discs and I was fast losing hope after trying alopathy treatment including an epidermal steroid shot. The Doctors had suggested surgery and I was on the verge of being hospitalized I thn found Dr Spine Clinic through a news paper cutting and this young energentic American Doctor, Nicholas Jason who started chiropractic treatment The progress and relief were phenomenal. At the 1st session I could not sit and had to lie down before the treatment began. By the 3rd or 4th session, the relief was notable.

At the end of the 15th session today I have resumed all normal activities including sitting, walking, going to office and intend to start driving and swimming,

Thanks to Dr Jason and Dr Spine Clinic

I recommend that anybody with spinal disorder must give this place a try.


Patient37 :Jayashree Harish – Amway Business Owner

I came to Dr Spine last Nov based on a forwarded message, I benefited from the actual explanation of my problem with the help of the model. Dr Jason was friendly, gentle and relieved of my shooting and radiating pain with manipulation on the prescribed bed. In todays session I felt the inflamation and the resulting pain reduced by 50% I like the friendliness of the staff and warmth from / by the team


Patient38 :Ekalavya Rao

I have been going to a Chiro for the past 4 years, I started with Dr Spine in Jan this year after a break of 2 years, It has been great. I have a lot of energy and I am able to cope with the bumpy roads while riding on the bike.


Patient39 :Lilavati Devi Dasi Laura kawurik

I am from Europe and live in Orissa now. Due to strong pain I came here to get a expert Chiropractic treatment, as it is not available in many places in India. I am very happy about the friendly doctor here, he also took the time to explain everything to me. Yes after the 5 sessions my problem is not cured, slipdiscs so I hope to get releief by continuing the exercise.


Patient40 :Soujanya

I have been suffering from middle back pain for few months. The treatment given by the doctor is helping in reducing the pain

I had a very bad neck pain I couldn’t sit for too long. After taking the treatment here for only one sitting the pain disappeared and I am very much fine now.

I was suffering from a lower hip pain from past 2 months wherein I was not able to sit and work for long hours.

I had a good experience in Dr Spine after the treatment I am feeling very much better and the pain has also reduced from 100% to 10%

I also like to suggest my friends and colleagues who are suffering from severe back pain.


Patient41 :Vivekananda BB

I had low back pain from past 1 year the alopathy doctors just told me to take X-rays, MRI’s, Physiotherapy but nothing helped. Ayurveda and Marmatherapies and Cranio Sacral therapies and yogasanas helped me to reduce somepain but chiropractic therapy seems really helpful I am unable to travel in bus without much pain now. This therapy is really awesome without surgery or medicine they deal with complex things like spine. I hope to continue this for some more days and hope I will be as normal as I was 1ye back I am thinking of referring it to other people as well.

Wish you continue this service for long time to come.


Patient42 :Vanitha 7/7/13

I had chronic cervical sodalities for the past 3 yrs. Tried many medications, physio, but it was of not much use.

Real about chiro through Times of India and the first session it was magical I was relieved totally out of pain the first day.

But faced same adverse reaction like swelling in the right shoulder in the second session.

The change is little emetic sometimes I m totally out of pain and sometimes its recurring. But so far I feel 40% of improvement in my condition.

Great Work by Dr Nicholas


Patient43 :Shekar.K 19/07/2013

I had server lower back pain from last 10years. I went for MRI as allopathy factor suggested and came to know that there is disc bulge and bulge and slip disc in L4-S1 position. After looking into the report doctor told me I have to undergo an operation which is not recommended at this age. So I depressed not worried about. So started slowly exercise but not result, started homeopathy, Siddhar herbal, Ayurvedic, Kerala panchakarma too which disappoint more money from my potter. And also I enquired DRS system too which is very costly but I don’t have to spent that much so finally after a long visit and 2 and 9 appointments cancelled by one as a doubt in my mind whether chiropractic will help or not. Really I took and came here, suggested initially for 5 sessions. From first session no result and I found some change which I feel better and found change in my regular severe pain so I am consulting for more 5 sessions.I feel comfortable than before. Hope and hope I will become normal in more sessions

Thanks Dr Nicholas


Patient44 :Pradeep 19/7/13

I have lower back pain with disc issues I am 41years old and have been playing badminton and table tennis. After the therapy, I can say that now I am 80% better, it was really good to have Dr Nicholas Jasons expertise here in Bangalore


Patient45 :Preethi

I was suffering from severe neck and right shoulder ache. Heard from a friend that this treatment would help have done 5 sessions and the pain has reduced but will yet have to do more to be completely pain ridden. Lets hope I can be cured off this.


Patient46 :B.G.Kalpana

My sufferings started 3 yrs ago and Doctors opinion that surgery was the only solution to my constant lower back pain. I came across a paper article on Chiropractic treatment about a year ago in TOI still I kept trying conventional cure like going to pain relief treatment spent quite a lot of money but no good result then finally I landed up for this treatment my pain persisted to a large extent and I thought this is like any other treatment and wanted to give up. But my husband insisted that I continue and after coming back and infirmly my treatment as on today I feel very relived of pain and now I am able to stand for continuous 2 to 3 hrs if reqd and no pain at all. Earlier my standing posture would cause pain in just after 5mn. This is a lot of difference thanks to chiropractor and doctors and all staff in clinic who are very pleasing and motivating. It is then cooperation and my faith which has made this IMPOSSIBLE TO POSSIBLE


Patient47 :Aksa Thamida 14/8/2013

My cousin was suffering from scoliosis and lower back pain. I came to know about choir treatment online and came for the treatment. In just 3 sessions she started feeling better and as a miracle she says the pain does not exist at all. Really happy with people here As well as the doctor.


Patient48 :Harsha Shivaram, aged 32

My name is Harsha Shivaram, aged 32 years. I am a media professional and have had a low back problem from 7 – 8 years.

Dr. Spine has really bettered my condition. I feel more free less pained and relaxed .

Chiro is a great option for non surgical care.

Three cheers to Dr. Spine!.


Patient49 :Santhosh Sharma – Age 43 Years 28/08/2013

This doctor is one of a kind one of the best doctor I have met sofar.. Since the first visit Which has not even been 4 days and he has given my mom the best treatment and within 3 days she is completely out of pain and now is able to do hand & neck movements and Even the doctor is surprised the by changes that have occurred in her back after the 1st visit.

I thank the doctor for giving such relief and getting her out of this pain.


Patient50 :Vimala

Thanks to Dr. Spine I am pain free and I do not need surgery


Patient51 :Prabhu – Chennai

Thanks to Dr. Nicolas, I found it really worth coming all along from Chennai to Bangalore for a chiropractic treatment.


Patient52 :Dominic Coelho 05/07/2013

Had severe back pain and sciatic pain. Been a slip disc patient for 5 years tried all the Treatments it has not done any good. Visited Dr. Spine Clinic last month and in only 3 sittings I would already feel the benefit. Dr. Nicholas makes it so much easier for you. A must try for all slip disc patients.

Thanks a ton


Patient53 :K.Jayaram 19/7/2013

My wife had a back pain associated with sciatic pain and was unable to stand for 5 mints at a stretch and also felt numbness in the leg.

She had 15 session with Dr Nicholas L Jason. Today was the last of the 15 sittings. She is greatly relieved of the pain and numbness and able to stand now at a stretch for 30 mints.

Thanks to Dr Nicholas and his chiropractic treatment.

Also we wish to then Vyshaak for taking the initiation to establish chiropractic clinic to Koramangala, Bangalore. God bless Doctor as well as Vyshak and the two physiotherapist namely of Vasanthi and Dilshad.


Patient54 :Nisha Gulrajani 04-06-2013

I have been having back pain since few years. I am from US I knew about Chiropractor. When I heard they are here I was happy. I came here was interested with the sitting and everybody there. I have taken above 8 treatments I feel good and better in my back, it is effective treatment. Doctor & staff is great very pleasant and nice office etc.


Patient55 :R.Venkataraman – 59 years 14/06/2013

I have completed the recommend 10 sessions today. I am able to feel the progress ( that is improvement) in my low back problem during the course of the session. I did remove my LS belt last 3 days and as of now felt no any inconvenience. I feeling happy, more Confident and I am positive that continuation of exercise will make me fully fit.

I should take this opportunity to really thank the doctor and staff and the Physiotherapist in particular who was patient enough to teach me exercise, and the one in particular for my neck is working out wonders!

Also thank my friend and master Mr. Arun who introduce the place to me.

With best wishes and regards


Patient56 :Jacob Winiecki

I have used chiropractic services for over five years now and frequently recommend the same for family and friends. I suffer from frequent lower back paid, which after results In paid and discomfort felt through my legs, shoulders and even ca cause extremely bad Headaches, chiropractic adjustments give me immediate relief from pain, sets my spine Back in the right place and helps me understand ways that I can proactively are for my Spine to reduce future pain episodes.


Patient57 :Bhanu Prakash 16/11/2013

Hi, I am Bhanu, age 28, a software professional. I spend most of my time sitting in front of computer. 2 years back I met with an sports injury and recovered from it. I met 2 Orthopedic doctors they just gave some medicine which gave temporary relief. But 30 day’s back pain increased and it increased to an extent where I can not stand for long time and had to count the steps which I take. Then I cam to Dr. Spine and met Dr. Jack. He is an wonderful very experienced guy. He analyzed my body and knew what exactly May body needs. Now after 3 to 4 sitting I am back to normal. I feel very blessed that I met the right doctor at right time. Dr. Spine keep up your good work.



Patient58 :M. Harsha M/o Bhagyalakshmi 07/01/2014

This is place the everyone suffering from back pain should visit. My mom 54+ was suffering from a severe back pain on L3, L4 area degenerated which was getting propagated till the lower foot. She was losing all the hopes from allopathy day by day and in turn everyone at hence started worrying. I used spent sleepers nights looking at her feeling the pain through out the day. She never used to act at a place even for and hour when she was prime to sit. She wont in to a depression mood when she got this pack pain all of a sudden. Later I heard about this chiropractic center and having earlier about Dr. Jack, initially we did’t feel much relaxation. But fast 4th sessions started feeling the relief. Still here to go through a couple sessions to see the full result. Though it has been made an expensive snuff over here, got its work for preserve who needs long free treatment.


Patient59 :Yudhan Rajoo 08/02/2014

I had been suffering from a L4-L5 disc herniation for 6 months and there was not much improvement. There used to be frequent bad days, trouble walking and even sitting down. After a while I decided for a chiropractic treatment and this was probably one of the better decisions I made in the past few months. Dr. was not really identified that the issue was more than just the L4-L5 area but also some kinks starting from the neck. After 4 sessions, the improvement is significant. I can walk much more closer to normal Sit for hours at work, travel on long flights and the pain is reduced. Simple exercise suggested have helped a lot! I guess when the defect is structural a more hands on approach is always good.

Full credit to Dr. Spine Clinic for my recovery. I am now much more positive about my recovery which seems imminent now. In fact I think a back adjustment is something people should go for even before you see problems.

Thank a lot Dr. Spine Clinic


Patient60 :Pratik Shah 04/02/2014

I am not sure where to start. Two words describe the Man – Dr. Jack – “Calmness Personified”. I could feel it from the day I saw him. He understands things in depth and makes you fell at ease as if there is nothing wrong with you!

The process he follows is simple and very easy to practice. He doesn’t push much and makes sure we are comfortable doing the exercises. Yes, it takes a little time to practice exercises regularly but it has be come a routine now.

I feel much better now and hope that it remains this way forever.

‘Dilshad’ the main support and the spine of the clinic does a wonderful job of making the patient ready for the next meet with a doctor. Her ways of warm-up exercise are simple and straight. Her helpful nature and friendliness does not make a patient that they are at a clinic.

Thanks again to the team for all the support.


Patient61 :Sivakumar

Dr. Jack is a magician on pain relief. I got good improvement with this treatment. Intially I got little difficulties but now I feel much better I can say 100% better.

Thank you Dr. Ma god bless you