Physiotherapy Treatment

With Drspine you get to consult and experience one of the best physiotherapists in Bangalore. Used as a method of primary care, physiotherapy generally involves using mechanical force, therapies, exercises, electrotherapy and specific body part movements to treat various issues emerging from mobility, correcting body postures, rehabilitation of body parts after accidents are some of the major reason for which they are prescribed to the patients in dealing with the diagnosis.

Best Physiotherapists in Bangalore – 20 Skill Years Can’t Go Wrong

Physiotherapy is provided in case of issues that range from musculoskeletal, Injuries from sports, pediatrics, cardio-respiratory, women’s health, Aged population and main rehabilitation after accidents and surgeries that require specific movements of the body parts respectively.

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Physiotherapy Treatment Process at Dr. Spine

In the first session, the Physiotherapist will evaluate your present conditions, pain status and movement that corresponds that are causing problems to your daily life. All the past history, medicinal and any related information are to be provided for avoiding any misdiagnosis.

Once the pain areas are diagnosed, they might ask you to do specific exercise on the daily routine to get better body postures that will benefit the affected part of the long-term solution. After broken & fracture of the bones and joints Physiotherapy is recommended by all medical professionals throughout the world.

Main Benefits that Physiotherapist provides their utmost care include:
• Improved, active and healthier lifestyle
• Better Pain Management
• Non-surgical and drug-free methodology
• Increasing strength, mobility and joint coordination for cardio-respiratory function
• Primary recommended for patient recovering from injuries of spinal cord, legs, hands, joints, stroke, heart and lung disease & other various post-surgical procedures
• Electrotherapy
• Arthritis and Joint Pain management
• Neuro-Rehabilitation is one emerging scope

The Scientific Basis

Kinesiology the complete study of the human body movements is the scientific basis on which these physiotherapies activities are based. These rehabilitations allow quick recovery of the body movements as per the prognosis. Human Behavioral sciences and its daily physical routine exercises make the body to mold into their respective motion. Physiotherapy offers scientifically proven methods that have proven to treat pain and injuries with utmost management.
You can ask for consultation and session as per recommended to you, also can get treated for a specific area in private sessions accordingly. Kinesiotaping, Pilates, and Dry Needle are also available to treat the patient as per requirements. With premium care for patients, there’s a reason why we are regarded as one of the top physiotherapists in Bangalore.


At Drspine, we provide high-quality Physiotherapy care in Bangalore with more than 20 years of skills and experience in the field.

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 Customers Speak about DrSpine’s Physiotherapy Experience

I was suffering from lower back pain for over a year now. I tried with physiotherapist / Ortho’s but I didn’t get better. I consulted Dr. Spine after getting to know from my colleague, I am feeling 80% better after 5 sittings. I can feel vast improvement after my 2nd sitting. I am hopeful that I get better completely sooner. I would recommend to my friends this place for sure.

I have completed the recommended 10 sessions today. I am able to feel the progress ( that is an improvement) in my low back problem during the course of the session. I did remove my LS belt last 3 days and as of now felt no any inconvenience. I feeling happy, more Confident and I am positive that continuation of exercise will make me fully fit.