Sciatica Treatment

sciatica treatment in bangalore

Sciatica Nerve pain is one that arises in your lower back and affects the respective nerves in other areas that lead to thighs, knees and further down the leg of the body with sharp, sudden and shooting pain characterized by weakness in the human body. Usually, this Sciatica pain only affects one side of the body or nerve leading to that area but can affect both sides if the pain persists for a longer period or severity of the condition accordingly (read more). There are specific symptoms, causes, treatments and further evaluation that are recommended with Sciatica for getting the right relief from this nerve related disease. Luckily, at Dr. Spine, you get the right attention, analysis and non-invasive treatment care for sciatica right here in Bangalore.

Non-Invasive Chiropractic Methods for Treatment of Sciatica in Bangalore

Symptoms of Sciatica

These Sciatica pain symptoms are focused on specific areas only like one side of the buttocks and will worsen further as we move or try to sit giving tingling and sharp pain in the respective areas. One might feel numbness in the joint or foot areas with a lot of weakness in the area too. Walking, sitting or driving car may be difficult too as the whole posture of the body is affected by this pain. This pain will further add irritation to your attitude as intensity increases adding more difficulties affecting your daily life in certain ways. In rare circumstances, there are slight chances that might result in Sciatica nerve damage that might require proper rest with treatment for this disease.

Sciatica Causes

Sciatica involves Nerve dysfunction which can be caused by inflammation, compression of roots from the specific area of the herniated lumbar disc. Diagnosing the specific area from which pain is arising and then treating with recommended spinal adjustments is the way for professional chiropractors. Adjacent bone areas get further susceptible to inflammation, injuries, infection and internal bleeding in the chronic condition. Special conditions like pregnancy, Diabetic, Constipation, and substandard life style like sitting with a heavy purse on one side of pocket can also cause these Sciatica related issues as well. Men are more prone to this disease with age being one of the defining factors to bring pain in the body.


At Drspine, we utilize non-invasive chiropractic techniques for bringing you relief in sciatic nerve pain.

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How Chiropractors Treat Sciatica?

Chiropractor’s methodology fundamental rule is the realignment of the natural movement of Spine and corresponding back areas. Being drug-free and non-invasive Chiropractic methods have got positive feedback from patients suffering from this pain related Sciatica disease. They might use Spinal adjustments, manipulations, therapies, TENS and other treatment that might require for your specific Sciatica solutions. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and Tomography tests are conducted to diagnose pain in lumbar disc Herniation in a case to pinpoint the specific areas.

There are also specific Sciatica exercises that provide relief from the specific pain areas considerably. Lying flat on the back of the floor, keeping hand and shoulder area at rest while forcing the lower legs to go create maximum angle is used to diagnose and simultaneously treat this Sciatica disease.

Customers Speak

My name is Rajeshwari I am having this back pain ( Slip Disc ) sciatica problem since 2002, I joined yoga started doing yoga asanas. It really gave me life I have complete hyrelieved from the pain and started doing my daily work at home. But again in 2012 about 4 to 5 moths back pain, sciatica problem started and took MRI scanning and disc bulged in L4 and L5 levels. My daughter is from USA and advised to under go this medical Chiropractic treatment today 11/3/2013 I have finished my 4 sessions I am finding lot of improvement. Actually I lost all my hope but this Chiropractic treatment giving my hope and I am seeing some light.

I came to Dr Spine with my Sciatica pain and lower + upper back pain. After 5 sessions I have very less pains and I feel my body lighter. Thank you for you wonderful hospitality and efforts my pain is almost relieved.