Migraine Treatment

Migraine disease is characterized by pain along the headaches that might disturb your life completely. There must be special care done to properly manage the Migraine headaches that can be a result of rising tension, stress, from exertion, cluster or rebound that requires treatment on regular basis. These Migraine headaches are often associated with corresponding neck and shoulder pain that will require you to visit a professional chiropractor. Most of these are triggered by a change in environment with change in weather, added pressure and stress that result in lack of sleep which might further cause recurring Migraine headaches. This continues headaches might result in vertebrate dysfunction.


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Treating Migraines The Non-Invasive Way - Dr Spine

At Drspine you are entitled to receive the prime care from our migraine specialists for your issues since they are a qualified practitioner who can deliver the right service so pain can be managed easily. We look for the cause of the pain rather than treat the symptoms. There might be X-ray or ultrasound done to analyze the pain arising areas accordingly. Some of the Migraine treatment services that we offer at our Bangalore clinic are:

• Spine Stretching and natural movement for better flexibility
• Removing stiffness in the neck and shoulder area to alleviate Migraine pain
• Use of special tools to give stimulation to specific pain areas
• Better non-surgical way of pain management rather than living with painkiller


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How Chiropractors Treat Migraine Issues

Migraines can create lot of irritation along with pain on your head, neck and shoulders considerably; this is where chiropractor can bring the right relief for your issues. First of all they look for pain triggers around the area and diagnose the specific area that needs the proper attention. Then using their spinal adjustment techniques try to provide the effective stimulation that releases the stress from that point. These gentle messages, touches, pushes and tools have proven lot of success with a patient that shows Migraine problems. There are sensitive trigger points in the neck and back areas of your body that are treated to provide relief to your whole body.